The Next Hendrickson Home

I still can’t quite believe we’re moving.

We’re moving.
We’re moving.
WE’RE. MOVING. It still tastes weird, no matter how many times I say it.

It happened so fast! Remember my satirical post back a few months ago about the stressful and funny back-and-forth of looking for a new house? That was August 27th. We were about to give up on ever finding a home that fit what we were looking for as far as size, price, location, and condition. I was tired of finding a place, falling in love with it, then being disappointed when it was either more expensive than our budget, was in worse condition than we expected, or was stolen out from under us by another buyer. Who knew that in two very short weeks, an incredible house would fall in our laps.

Built sometime in the early 1900s, this beauty is jam-packed with character. It has so many of the same things that made us fall in love with our current house: high ceilings, a fireplace, original wood floors….it’s a dream!

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I already know I’ll cry buckets when we spend our last night in our current house – because it was our first real home. We lived in an apartment for the first six months of our marriage, but we’ve been here ever since. That’s almost three years of memories – dinners with friends, bible studies, movie nights, birthday parties, and hundreds of conversations. Three years of laughing, crying, fighting, forgiving, building, learning, growing, hosting, and just being. It won’t be easy to leave a place that’s been such a blessing to us.

But what a great blessing it will be to enjoy our new house! I’m even looking forward to the packing and unpacking. Our memory-making days are far from over, and I can’t wait until this new house feels just as much like home as our current home does.

Oh, before I forget – thanks in advance to all of our friends and family who have offered to help us clean, pack, move, and unpack! We will repay you with love dollars, and pizza or Asian Gourmet if you’re lucky. ;)

All photos are from the house’s current owners’ public listing on Trulia.

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