My Scattered Thoughts on House Hunting

For those of you who are panicking – no, we aren’t moving out of town. :) We aren’t trying to move out of our current house immediately either, but we’ve been keeping an eye on Trulia, just to see what’s out there. And my brain has had just about enough. This has been my constant inner dialogue for the last two months:

Oh my gosh, a new house is on the market!!
It’s. so. pretty.
ERMAGERD but the price is not pretty…
We’d be in debt until our great-grandchildren go to college.
We’d have to eat nothing but cereal.
And then eat the boxes when we run out of cereal.
But maybe we could make it work.
Yeah…we could totally make it work.
Ooh, there’s that older one we both liked a few weeks ago.
I thought it sold…?
It’s back on the market??!
We could go see it today!!!
Oh, but I love the house we’re in now.
It would be so sad to leave. :(
….but I can’t wait to go look at this new house.
(After looking at it)
Wow…there’s a lot to fix up.
Maybe…too much…
But we’ve done it before!
And we have STEVE (aka contractor father-in-law).
He’s already done so much for us, though.
We can’t keep asking him to do more stuff.
But he did offer…
Ooh, look at those hardwood floors!
And the ugly wallpaper…
And the granite countertops!
And the chocolate brown carpet…
Hmmmmm, there’s a lot to do.
It would be awesome to start over in a new place!
My style could finally evolve from “broke newlywed” to “broke but faking otherwise.”
I sure would miss our old place though.
We’ve made so many memories there.
Do we really want to move that far away?
Would anyone even come over anymore??
Of course they would, dummy.
It’s just so far away from town…it’s like 10 whole minutes from the store.
Everyone will forget about us.
We will have no friends.
We’re going to die alone in our new house.
But we have so much more room for entertaining!
What if this ends up being way more expensive than we expected?
We’re gonna go broke.
*Channeling Michael Scott* ‘I…declare…BANKRUPTCY!!!!’
Oh man…I just realized we could have pool parties.
Our kids are going to love us.
We’ll be the coolest parents ever.
….Oh no….what if they hate swimming??
I don’t know…now I’m starting to get kind of iffy about it.
I’m kind of…underwhelmed.
It looked nicer in pictures than it does in person.
It would take a long time to make all those updates.
And I really didn’t want another fixer-upper.
The last time I had to pick out paint colors, I had to pick out 9 of them.
And nearly hyperventilated.
*Choking to death*
Maybe this is just a sign that we aren’t supposed to move right now.
Which is fine.
We’ll find the right place when it’s the right time.
And in the meantime, we get to enjoy our current home!
I love our home. :)
Wait…hold up!!?? Someone else put an offer on that house?????
We must put in a better offer.
Wait…do I really like it that much?
What about all of the ugliness inside??
Well…maybe it’s not so bad.
Our house was rough when we first bought it and now it’s nice.
Maybe my expectations are just too high.
Growing up is overrated.
Screw it, let’s just live in an RV.

Happy Thursday, everyone!

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