About Us

Oh hey there.

Sooooo….is this the part where I tell you how much I like coffee and the mountains and Ray Lamontagne, and all the other *quirky-yet-endearing* things that people post on an About Me page that make you want to be friends with me?

LOL no but really, I’m a happy mess.

I’m Laura: hopeless sinner made alive by a great God, wife to Daniel, dog mom to Fitz, HR benefits advocate, “New Girl” aficionado, chocolate chip cookie lover, and, against all odds, blogger! (Currently, I kind of hate coffee, but maybe someday I’ll get my act together and find out what I’ve been missing.)

This blog was nothing more than a daydream for years, but in 2015, I finally took the plunge. The idea was born out of a combination of my love for writing and my passion for engaging other people in real conversations about things that matter. (And also because I need an outlet for all the awkward things I do because I am just weird, and those funny things should be documented to embarrass my future children.) I like food, married life, the Gospel, Netflix, traveling, and especially Nutella, and I’ll write about all of it.

This is Fitz. I know you were wondering. :)

Here’s what I want this space to be:

Transparent. Brave. Imperfect. Barefaced. Inspiring. Genuine. Fun.

I don’t have life figured out. But there’s something kind of great about that, yeah? Life is just better when you quit the charade and embrace the beautiful, messy, glorious chaos that is your life. (See what I did there? *taps finger to head*)

Fair warning:
I will talk about God. Like, a lot.
I really like my husband and I’ll write about him a lot too.
If and when I have kids, I will probably like them too and post about them wayyyyyy too much. I already know it’ll happen.
And finally, photography is not my spiritual gift; ergo, a lot of my pictures will be iPhone photos…….. #sorrynotsorry.

Thanks for checking out my little corner of the world! Make my day and email me sometime – I can’t wait to get to know you! ♥

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