DIY Wedding Gift Basket

I’m such a big fan of gift-giving! It’s my strongest love language, second only to words of affirmation. I love coming up with creative, thoughtful things to give people. And lucky me: I’m at the point of life when everyone I know is either graduating from something / getting married / moving / taking a new job / having a kid / doing something else worth celebrating. I have lots of people to shower with love!

My latest gifting opportunity was this last weekend at my friend Phillip’s wedding! Wedding gifts are easy – all married people need a lot of the same things to start their new life together. Places like Ross, Marshall’s, and TJ Maxx make it a BREEZE to put gift baskets together too.

Here’s my last creation. All the pieces were found at Ross. Total cost = less than $50!

IMG_4297[1]White tub + measuring cups/spoons + garlic-infused olive oil + wooden spoons + salt and pepper shakers + Herbes de Provence + wood plate + kitchen towels. 

After I found the white tub, I started walking through the store and picking out little pieces to add to the collection. In each basket I’ve made, I try to strike the perfect balance between ‘useful’ and ‘cute.’ I always seem to gravitate toward natural wood inspiration, so that divided-square food plate and the wood spoons were no-brainers. The spice blend and the olive oil are necessities in my own kitchen, and everyone needs measuring cups and spoons. And those mini-Mason-jar S&P shakers….right?? I almost kept them for myself. Sometimes, I have a theme in mind for a gift basket before I put it together. But this one was inspired by these towels:


Aren’t they cute??

After I finished shopping, I went to my in-laws’ house, plopped on the dining room floor, and starting playing around with the arrangement. Once I tucked everything in place, I had an idea for a cute note and taped it on the towel.

“May your marriage be full of FLAVOR! We love you, Fords!”


Happy wedding and even happier marriage, Phil and Kamie!

Also – if I’m coming to your wedding this year, just pretend you’re surprised when I give you a gift basket that looks just like this one.

What is your go-to gift to get (or make) for other people?

2 thoughts on “DIY Wedding Gift Basket

  1. Rebekah says:

    I think about doing a gift basket often and even think about what I would put into it but when it comes to putting it together I fall apart. I would love to have the motivation to do this type of thing more often but unfortunately it only gets done when I have someone doing it with me…


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