My Excuses for Why I Haven’t Gotten Christmas-y Yet + Things I’m Thankful For

Here are all my excuses for why I haven’t gone swimming in Christmas spirit yet:

  1. …………
  2. I have none.

It’s so depressing, you guys. Christmas just snuck up on me this year. (Yes, I know, “snuck” is not a word…whatever.) All I’ve done is listen to some Christmas music while unpacking my new house.  I haven’t bought any Christmas presents yet, and I haven’t even made a list of presents I’m giving! This never happens to me, because I LOVE CHRISTMAS. Daniel Some might say I love it a little too much. I am that person who:

  • finalizes her Christmas gift list by October,
  • starts listening to Christmas music on November 1st,
  • has at least four or five presents bought (and possibly wrapped) by mid-November.
  • is ready to put up the tree long before the week of Thanksgiving,
  • and walks up and down the Christmas aisles of every store with the giddiness of a two-year-old eating cotton candy.

All of the busy in my life is finally starting to slow down though, so I’m ready to vomit Christmas all over everyone like I usually do. My to-do list for this week includes figuring out what I’m giving people, putting up our Christmas tree/stockings/wreath, and mayyyyybe doing some Black Friday shopping? We’ll see about that one. For the sake of my husband, though, I won’t bypass Thanksgiving. I love Thanksgiving too, and I have an abundance of things to be grateful for.

Family time.
As both of our families grow and move, it becomes more difficult each year for all of our schedules to align. More than ever, I cherish the time we are able to be all together. I hate how far apart we all are, but I’m thankful to have people I love enough to miss.

The Macy’s Thanksgiving parade.
Staple of my Thanksgiving experience. I even love the ads, especially the Hershey kiss handbells and B.C. Clark’s anniversary sale. I’ve carried this tradition from Stillwater to Pawnee, to Perkins, to Thackerville, and probably eventually Durant, and I literally can’t remember a Thanksgiving that didn’t include watching it. I hope my kids love it as much as I do, and even if they don’t, they’ll have to watch it anyway.

Daniel’s CPA successes.
I’m so, so proud of him. Those tests are killer, and he’s already passed half of them. I’m so thankful for his hard-working, persevering attitude – he applies it to every area of his life, not just the test-taking part. He’s a rockstar.

I’m thankful for Netflix, as silly as that sounds, which has provided endless entertainment and unexpected moments of genuine laughter, not to mention all the inside jokes with Daniel and with friends who watch the same shows we do. I’m thankful for Pandora, which has allowed me to enjoy Christmas music on my phone while my iTunes is currently inaccessible on my thousand-year-old Macbook. I’m thankful for Skype, which gives us the chance to actually see the faces of dear friends who are far away and not just hear their voices.

Friendships that last.
It really is lovely to have friendships that aren’t threatened by time or distance, the kind of friendships you’re comfortable with and confident in. We are in a hard season of saying goodbye to many friends who are moving on to new things, but it’s beautiful to know that the really genuine friendships won’t dissolve. I’d take a small handful of those friendships over   dozens of shallow ones any day.

Celebrating the holiday season in our new home.
Moving was an emotional experience for me. The three years we spent in our old house was the longest amount of time I’ve lived in the same place for the last 8 years, so it was difficult to pack up and leave. But God, knowing my sentimental soul and in His tenderness toward me, orchestrated our move so that it took place right before Christmas, the time of year I look forward to and love the most. I’m grateful to start out this new Hendrickson season during the Christmas season.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! Hug your loved ones close and eat an extra piece of pie!

How about you? Are you a “Christmas immediately” kind of person like me, or do you wait until after Thanksgiving to get in the spirit of things?

One thought on “My Excuses for Why I Haven’t Gotten Christmas-y Yet + Things I’m Thankful For

  1. Rene Pyron says:

    Loved your post. I want to enjoy Thanksgiving first. Then we have a deluge of Christmas Music programs that help others get into the Christmas season. The real Christmas Season begins after all the programs and we can enjoy some real quality family time.


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