Quartz Mountain


What up, friends?? Sorry for my sporadic posting. I’ve been lazy in a lot of ways this summer – meal planning, house cleaning, friendship maintaining, small business-ing – and unfortunately, blogging was one of the things I could put on the back burner without consequences. But I’ve been convicted about my lack of discipline (much like a year ago with my first DietBet!), and I’m going to be much more consistent with this. You can count on it!

In mid-July, I got to travel for work for the first time in months, and it was GLORIOUS. Every year, the Oklahoma Regents host a week-long counselor’s conference at Quartz Mountain Resort in Lone Wolf, Oklahoma, and I was invited to sit on a panel of college representatives for a session on the last day of the conference. Because the resort is 4 hours from Durant, I had originally planned to stay at a hotel in Altus. But through a straight-up blessing from the Lord, I was gifted a one-night stay at the lodge…for free.

I have one thing to say: being a college recruiter has its perks at times!


The resort was more rustic than luxury, but it was such a relaxing place! I drove in past lots of cabins and campsites, and when I took a walk around the resort and found people pushing off into the lake in kayaks, I wanted SO MUCH to jump in after them. I loved the combination of lake + mountains – very calming. I wish Daniel could have come with me!

I’m so ready for recruitment season to start – only a few more weeks and I’ll be on the road again!


P.S. Are these not the cutest bath samples you’ve ever seen?? Those shampoo bottles blew me away! If I wasn’t head over heels for MONAT, I would have taken them with me and put them in my guest bathroom. ;)

Hope you guys are having a good week! 

One thought on “Quartz Mountain

  1. Tadlock says:

    WOW! What neat pictures. We have read about Quartz Mountain and thought it would be a neat place to visit. So glad you had the opportunity to go, relax, and be on the panel.

    Hope you can enlist lots of folks for the college. Let us know if you are traveling this way. We are holding down the fort while Dad, Mom, and Robyn are visiting Corey in Amarillo and Ann and Dick are in Illinois. I’m sorta enjoying being at home.

    Love, Mimi


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