DIY Gift for a Mama-to-Be

For those of you who don’t already know – MY COUSIN IS PREGNANT!! And I’m over the moon!!! (Obviously, because of all the exclamation points.) I’m so ready to cuddle Mini Briggs this fall, and I’ve thrown myself into baby shower planning, especially now that we know Mini B is a BOY. :) I’m a big gift giver, though, so I couldn’t stop myself from giving Jennifer a “mama-to-be” present a few weeks after she told me she was pregnant.

In the basket:

Tums Chewables
Baby book
Mom’s favorite snacks
Water bottle
Stretch mark cream
Baby boots (gender neutral)
Prenatal vitamins
Super-soft black leggings

I also got her a 10×10 wood pallet wall hanging (not pictured) and some mini bottles of paint. She loves crafting, and I knew she’d enjoy making something for the nursery!

A DIY gift basket like this doesn’t have to be complicated. If you know the mom really well, pick things that make you think of her, things you know she’ll like. If you DON’T know the mom well enough to pick out her favorite things, that’s okay! Avoid the snacks and stick to the more practical stuff, like comfy PJs, gender-neutral baby items, and pregnancy survival necessities. No matter what you give her, though, make sure you pick out a sweet card. Or better yet, write a note inside the baby book!

Mamas, what was the best pregnancy/baby gift you received?

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6 thoughts on “DIY Gift for a Mama-to-Be

  1. Rebekah Odell says:

    My favorite gift was my huge pregnancy pillow!! ❤️😍 Amazing!!!!! I’ve never gotten a gift basket before but it looks like fun! I think I’ll go make one for someone!

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