A Tribute to a Little Bird


Orby // Orbs.
Rob // Robs.
Hobin // Habokers // Bokers.
Red Robin.
Robin Hood.
You have more nicknames than I care to count.
But one name is better than all the rest.
It’s your golden birthday today.
22 on the 22nd.
How do I accurately capture all of my feelings in a few sentences?
Ha…we both know I can’t. :)
I’ll just say this.
You make the world more golden.
You make people glad they know you.
You are refreshing and life-giving, and I love you for it.
Happy birthday, little bird. ♥


It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like…


C H R I S T M A S !

(insert all the winter emojis here)

You guys…it’s my favorite, favorite time of year. So thankful for a beautiful new home to celebrate in. Full decorating post with lots more pics coming soon!

What have you done so far that’s Christmas-y?? Decorating, gift wrapping, watching Christmas movies – I wanna know!

The Little Shop


In October of 2015, I did something a little nuts: I launched my own small business and became a MONAT Market Partner! Read this post to find out more about the products and the business. Click here to check out my products.

In addition to MONAT, in an effort to simplify my life and make a little extra cash for new threads, I invite my interested readers every so often to gather ’round and shop my closet! Come back often for new additions! To purchase something, just comment below or email me. (P.S. If you want multiple items, I’ll discount prices! $5 flat shipping rate to anywhere outside my area.)

Sunday Funnies

I miss the comics. I used to read them every Sunday when I was a kid, but now I’m an adult and I read the paper never. In honor of 13-year-old Laura, here’s my new Pinterest-inspired version of the Sunday funnies. Enjoy!

Happy Sunday, people! :)