A Tribute to a Little Bird


Orby // Orbs.
Rob // Robs.
Hobin // Habokers // Bokers.
Red Robin.
Robin Hood.
You have more nicknames than I care to count.
But one name is better than all the rest.
It’s your golden birthday today.
22 on the 22nd.
How do I accurately capture all of my feelings in a few sentences?
Ha…we both know I can’t. :)
I’ll just say this.
You make the world more golden.
You make people glad they know you.
You are refreshing and life-giving, and I love you for it.
Happy birthday, little bird. ♥


2 thoughts on “A Tribute to a Little Bird

  1. Bernadean says:

    What a dear sister you have! Happy birthday, Robyn.(The photo of you three in your younger days remind me of when I first met you kids.)


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