Happy Mail

Capture 1

My mail has been so HAPPY lately! Some of you may have seen the “secret sister gift exchange” that went around Facebook during the Christmas season, and I was a participant! I sent a $10 gift to a friend’s friend, invited a few of my friends to participate (who sent a gift to my friend, invited their own friends, etc.), and before I knew it, my own surprise packages started arriving.

Capture 2

For the gift exchange, I wrote on my profile that I love Target, Old Navy, and Rifle Paper Company, and that I’m a fan of fuzzy socks, stuff for a luxurious bath, chalkboard-themed things, OPI nail polish, any book from Urban Outfitters, minimalist gold jewelry, eclectic home decor, party supplies, and Chick Fil A – and my friends’ friends sure delivered!! I would definitely do this again next year. I only bought one gift and got all these goodies in return! From 6 secret girlfriends, I received:

  • Rifle Paper Co. journals
  • Deep Steep bubble bath
  • screenprinted kraft paper notebooks
  • OPI base coat and top coat
  • handmade slipper socks from the extremely talented Rebekah Shirey



Capture 3Capture 4

I also got sweet Christmas gifts from two of my best girls, Janna and Eliya. I forgot to take a better picture of the Christmas ornament from Janna and didn’t realize it until I had already put it away with the rest of the Christmas decor, but you can see it in the first picture! It says “Our New Home,” a perfect gift for this year! Eliya gave me the cutest tea cup, as well as a huckleberry candle and a wood-burned ornament that I’m preeeeetty sure she made herself. :)

Capture 5

Notice anything else in the first photo that I didn’t mention? Keep an eye on the blog – my January Birchbox review is coming soon!

What’s your favorite thing to get in the mail?

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