Look Inside My Summer FabFitFun Box!



For my birthday a few years ago, my bestie/cousin Jennifer got me my first FabFitFun box. And I was OBSESSSSSSED. A huge box of full-size goodies worth hundreds of dollars for only $30-50 = the happiest of all happy mail.

Fast forward to a month or two ago. I was scrolling on Facebook and came across one of those ads you always see of famous people opening their boxes on video and offering a promo code. This particular promo code was for $20 off of your first box, and I thought, “………yup, I’m doing that!” I set up an account, got to customize a few items, and waited impatiently for my box to ship! There are only four boxes per year – one for each season, and $50 per box. I probably won’t keep the subscription forever, but I’m already looking forward to the next one!


1. Sutra Professional Mini Travel Blow Dryer

This was one of the items I got to customize. I used it the other night, and it actually worked really well! It took a little longer to dry than normal, but it’s worth it to save space in my luggage for our next trip out of town.


2. 111Skin Rose Gold Brightening Facial Treatment Mask

I got to pick these too! Honestly, I don’t even remember what the other options were. I saw the $160 price tag and thought “I’m getting the most expensive option I can, since I’m only paying $30 for this whole box!” I would never pay that much for these masks on their own, but I can’t wait to try them.


3. Odeme Silicone Wine Glasses

This was the last item I got to choose; the rest were all picked for me. Aren’t they cute?? They are microwave and dishwasher safe too!


4. Living Proof No Frizz Nourishing Styling Cream

I won’t use this myself (already found my favorite stuff!), but now my guest bathroom will have an extra special product for out-of-town visitors who stay with us! If I wasn’t completely sold on MONAT, I would totally use Living Proof.


5. COOLA Makeup Setting Sunscreen Spray

This stuff is supposed to give your skin a matte finish, while also preserving your makeup, hydrating your face, AND giving you sun protection at the same time! I already know I’ll be packing this for our cruise in October.


6. Invisibobble® Original Hair Rings

Have you guys ever tried these?? I’ve been curious about them for awhile. I tried one out the other day and actually really liked it! My only complaint was that it was a little difficult to get out of my hair. But it felt very secure and my ponytail never got saggy, and I didn’t ever feel like it was pulling or pinching my hair.


7. Generation Clay™ Ultra Violet Brightening Clay Mask

Face masks are honestly my kryptonite. I read the ingredients and it sounds like total heaven: desert lime, bentonite clay, davidson plum, aloe vera….yay for my face!


8.  Whish Exfoliating Foot Mask

Can’t wait to get my feet cruise-ready! Apparently you put it on at the end of the day and sleep in it, and wake up with softer feet. We’ll see!



9. Grace & Stella Rose Facial Spray

Call me a nerd, but I’m crazy about good branding. And this is FABULOUS branding, from the box to the logo to the name…I just love it. I’ve never used rose mist or rosewater before, but I’m a sucker for cult skincare products!

Want to get $10 off of your first box?? Click here to get started!

Unboxed: Summer Walmart Beauty Box + Final Birchbox

Walmart Beauty Box – Summer

I’m seriously obsessed with this Walmart Beauty Box thing. Even though I cancelled my Birchbox subscription, I don’t even feel guilty replacing it with this, since it’s only $5 once per season!

imageSample #1: Coconut Nail Art by Incoco Nail Polish Strips in ‘Double Dare’
My opinion went back and forth on these. It took me a few tries to figure out how to put them on the right way, and it was harder than I thought. Filing the edge off wasn’t as smooth as I had hoped, but the strip stayed on my nail until I peeled it off a week later! I wasn’t a huge fan of the design, but I’ll definitely look into them another time.imageSample #2: Jergens Natural Glow Daily Moisturizer in ‘Fair to Medium’
Want to hear a funny story? I’ve used this stuff before and loved it, but for whatever reason, I completely forgot to wash my hands after using a little bit of it to massage Daniel’s shoulders. I woke up the next morning and my hands were slightly bronze…I knew why immediately. *facepalm* image
Sample #3: Goody SlideProof Spiky Soft Touch Hair Elastics
I was really disappointed by these. My hair is relatively thick, so my hair elastics have to be warhorses. These were an unfortunate combination of “too small to go around three times” and “got stuck in my hair while pulling it out.” The GOOD news is, I found the most perfect hair ties of allllllll time at Walmart a week or so ago..!!! I’ll post about them sometime. They are life-changing.
imageSample #4: Schwarzkopf Essence Ultime Diamond Color & Radiance Shampoo and Conditioner combo (link to shampoo)
I’ve created a mini mental contest with myself. Anytime I get shampoo AND conditioner samples together from the same brand, I’m going to use them together to see if I like anything better than MONAT. That’s the only reason I would stop using it – if I found something I liked better! And so far, I’ve found nothing. My hair definitely felt silky soft when I used this brand, but in a fake kind of way, not in a clean kind of way. My hair actually just stopped detoxing from using these two times…two weeks ago. *thumbs down* Using MONAT again felt like a huge relief.image
Sample #5: Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs Leg Makeup in ‘Medium’
The first time I used this, I laughed out loud at how dark the makeup looked when I squeezed some into my hand! Surprisingly, it blended pretty well into my skin. It was still a little dark for my taste though – I think a “Fair” color would be better than “Medium.”image
Sample #6: Arm & Hammer Truly Radiant Clean Mint Fluoride Anticavity Toothpaste
This was a welcome change from my usual disgusting-but-awesome toothpaste as far as taste goes, but it just didn’t whiten my teeth the way my favorite kind does! I always love getting samples of stuff I use every day though – anything to save a little money. ;)image
Sample #7: NIVEA® In-Shower Cocoa Butter Body Lotion
Not really impressed with this stuff. I was disappointed, to be honest, because I thought this would save me step after getting out of the shower! It felt like it melted off my skin as soon as I rubbed it on, and rinsing the rest of it off seemed to defeat the purpose of using it at all, even though that’s how you’re supposed to use it. I was also terrified of falling down; it made the tub really slippery. When I got out and dried off, my skin didn’t feel any more moisturized than it did before I got in.image

All in all, I consider this box a win! I’ve looked at half of these things in the store before (or similar ones) and wondered whether or not to try them. And now, I know! I can’t wait to see what’s in my fall and winter boxes.

Final Birchbox – July

Sample #1: Elizabeth Mott It’s So Big Volumizing Mascara
This mascara doesn’t live up to my personal favorite (Mally Beauty), but it was still a good option! I put multiple coats on and my eyelashes didn’t feel heavy or caked in mascara. I might use this on days that I want a touch of makeup but not full eyes.image
Sample #2: dr. brandt® PoreDermabrasion
Haven’t gotten around to using this, but I’ve loved everything I’ve tried from dr. brandt! Although I don’t really struggle with noticeable pores, so I’m not sure how much I’ll actually get out of this..? We’ll see.image
Sample #3: Klorane Smoothing and Relaxing Patches with Soothing Cornflower
I liked these! Inside the package were ‘patches’ that went under my eyes. They were almost like stickers with a squishy foam outer side. I used them after a particularly long day, and they felt wonderful – soothing is an accurate description! I’ll definitely order a full size of these sometime soon.image
Samples #4, 5, & 6: Living proof.® No Frizz Shampoo, Conditioner, & Nourishing Styling Cream
Yet again, another hair product trio that left me disappointed. Of all brands, I was sure that this one might make me reconsider MONAT, after all the amazing things I’ve heard about it. But NOPE. My hair felt soft, but it wasn’t as shiny as it is when I use MONAT, and I couldn’t get it to blowdry as smoothly either. It smelled good though!image

Somehow, I forgot to take a picture of that little bottle on the bottom! It’s called Milk Makeup Sunshine Oil, and I actually really, really like it. It smells DIVINE, and I love the dewy glow it gives my skin without making it look or feel greasy. So far, I’ve used it on my face and on my arms when my skin felt dry. My only complaint is that it takes some work to get a decent amount of oil out of the rollerball, but the full size has a button that helps push the oil through. Overall, big fan!

Goodbye, Birchbox – at least for now. :) From this point, I’ll probably share my Walmart Beauty Boxes via Facebook Live, so if you want those updates, head over to Facebook and add me as a friend!


Earlier this summer, I got to participate in a big gift swap, and it was the sweetest experience! Instagrammer @_whiteafterlaborday has organized several of these swaps in the past and after reading about how great they were, I couldn’t wait to be part of this one. She coordinated the whole swap and only asked for $3 per participant to make up for the time she spent pairing us together. She asked us a few questions to find out about our likes/dislikes/favorites and sent each partner the other partner’s information. The limit for gifts was about $25. I got paired with Lauren Mayet (@lollymya), and I had THE BEST time picking out fun little things to send her. And she knocked it out of the park with my package!


This is what it’s like trying to take a flat-lay photo when you have a dog, haha! #realtalk


I love getting mail, and opening that package knowing that someone picked out all of those things just for me was awesome. I’m definitely participating in the next swap! If you want to see pictures of other girls’ boxes, check out #instasummerswap, and if you want to join me for the next one, follow @_whiteafterlaborday and keep an eye on her posts for a new one later this year!

Have you ever participated in a swap like this before? What was your experience?

Unboxed: May and June Birchbox

So guess what? I finally did it! I’ve been playing around with the idea for months, but I finally cancelled my Birchbox subscription. I quit for two reasons: (1) I just have way too many samples that I haven’t even had a chance to try yet, and (2) I’ve been getting a lot of hair product samples lately, and I don’t use them because MONAT is so much better that it’s not worth screwing up my scalp and my hair with lower quality stuff.

I figured some of you still might want to see my last couple of boxes, though, so here you go!


Sample #1: GOLDFADEN MD™ Doctor’s Scrub
I’ll be honest – this is one of the samples I haven’t gotten a chance to try yet. But it smells awesome and I really do like products like this. I just recently decided to try the Rodan + Fields microdermabrasion paste, thanks to my girl Charity Keller, but I’ll give this a whirl sometime soon!

Sample #2: Davroe Ends Repair
Yet another hair product sample that I won’t be using. :(I was impressed with the size of the sample though; most samples aren’t this big!

Sample #3: Another Oud by Juliette Has a Gun
Nope. Nope, nope, nope. Too musky for me.

Sample #4: ModelCo Lip Lacquer Trio
THIS. This gloss is awesome. I wish I had gotten all three colors, but I think this one would be my favorite anyway. It’s a perfectly light shade of rose with a tiny bit of shimmer, and it’s moisturizing without feeling sticky! I have their lipstick trio and LOVE the pink and the red, so I had a feeling I would like the gloss too.

Sample #5: COOLA® Classic Face Sport SPF 50 White Tea
I have liked COOLA products in the past, but I didn’t really find anything necessarily special about this one. It did smell like white tea, which I liked! But I didn’t feel like it really moisturized much. I used it right after washing my face, and my skin felt tight and weirdly dry after about 10 minutes. If I had used it strictly as a sunscreen, I probably would have liked it a little more.


Sample #1: Real Chemistry Luminous 3-Minute Peel – Body
I love love love exfoliating stuff, so this one was a win for me. I used a smaller version of this product before that was specifically for my face and liked it in the past, so I figured I’d like this one too! The grapefruit scent is so yummy, and it really seemed to help slough off some of the bumpiness on my arms.

Sample #2: Dr. Jart+ Every Sun Day SPF 30 UV Sun Fluid
The jury is still out on this. There’s been days that I used it that I love it, and days that I’m not so sure. If anybody wants to know what I think about it when I finish the sample, let me know in the comments!

Sample #3: ARDENCY INN MODSTER Smooth Ride Supercharged Eyeliner
This was a new brand for me! I had never heard of it before, and I love that about Birchbox – how easy it was to learn about new brands without paying hundreds of dollars. I’ve been partial to my Eyeko liquid eyeliner, but every so often, I deviate and use an eyeliner pencil. This one draws on very smoothly, but it didn’t seem to be very long-lasting. I liked how creamy it was though; some eyeliner pencils make me feel like I’m scratching my eyelids off, and this one didn’t!

Sample #4: Kiehl’s Precision Lifting & Pore-Tightening Concentrate
I didn’t really notice anything special about my skin after using this – but I am one of the lucky girls who doesn’t have large pores. If I did, maybe I would have noticed..? Am I the only person who wants to know why we need 27 different creams for all the different  issues we have with the skin on our face??

Sample #5: Etat Libre d’Orange Dangerous Complicity
I didn’t really like this scent, but the designer in me loved the little triangular compartment it came in – it made me think of Tiffany Newton! :) The scent smelled like fruit, but with spicy, woodsy undertones that made my nose burn a little. It was a little too intense for my taste.

The biggest reason I didn’t quit for so long was because I was afraid I would lose my Aces status and reward points. As an Ace, I got free shipping and priority with customer service, and I earned reward points for reviewing samples and spending money on full-size products. But I found out that if I ever decide to go back, my old account info and points will still be there, so I quit worrying! Thanks to those of you who gave me advice!

Happy Wednesday, people!


Unboxed: Spring Walmart Beauty Box

Okay, seriously. Who knew that the Walmart Beauty Box existed?? I stumbled across it on Instagram earlier this year, and I’m a big fan. The subscription is only 4 boxes a year, one for each season. This was my spring box, and my summer box should be on my doorstep any day now! I’ve already pretty much found my makeup must-haves, but the jury is still out on health and body products. I love the idea of getting to try out stuff that I already walk by every week for way cheaper than buying a full bottle and finding out I hate it. This whole box was five dollars. FIVE. DOLLARS. No-brainer.

imageSample #1: Colgate Optic White Platinum High Impact White Toothpaste
Guys, I’ll be completely honest with you – this toothpaste tastes horrible. But it WORKS. I may never use any other toothpaste again! It really does start working in 3 days, and this is the first time I’ve noticed an actual significant change in whiteness. Two thumbs wayyyy up!

image.jpegSample #2: John Frieda Brilliant Brunette Visibly Brighter Subtle Lightening Shampoo
I’m not gonna lie, I was really tempted to try this. But I didn’t, because (1) the sun already gives me a lot of natural auburn/gold highlights in the summer anyway, and (2) after my last experience with going back to other hair products, I’m sticking with the good stuff I’ve already got.

image.jpegSample #3: Burt’s Bees Light BB Cream
I haven’t tried this yet because I don’t typically wear any foundation or powder – blessed with good skin! – but the reviews look great! I’ll definitely still give it a shot.

image.jpegSample #4: Jergens Natural Glow Daily For Fair to Medium Skin Tones Moisturizer
Ooh, I LOVE this stuff! I had tried this before, but I wasn’t disappointed to receive another sample of it! It goes on really smooth and doesn’t take long to absorb, and it doesn’t feel sticky either. There’s no risk of those pesky streaky lines either, just a “natural glow” just like it says!

image.jpegSample #5: Curel Itch Defense Body Wash
Nothing special about this, in my opinion. But I also don’t have super itchy skin, so it might be more useful for someone who does!

image.jpegSample #6: CeraVe Healing Ointment
Honestly, I wasn’t impressed with this. First of all, the sample amount inside the little jar was laughable – I could have scraped it all out with one finger. Second, while it was hydrating for some dry places on my arms, it felt super greasy. Maybe I just used a little too much of it, but I felt like it was still in a thick layer on top of my skin 2-3 hours later.

Something dangerous is beginning….I’m slowly becoming obsessed with subscription boxes! I understand now why people have entire blogs centered around trying different subscriptions throughout the year. I just found out that there’s a Target version of this too, and I’m jumping for joy. I think one of these might be my new fix for awhile if I decide I’m giving up Birchbox indefinitely. Especially since it’s only $20 for the entire year.

Aside from Birchbox and Walmart Beauty Box, the only other one I’ve tried is Ipsy. But I know there are other categories besides beauty! What subscription box should I try next??


Unboxed: April Birchbox

I swear, every time I’m seriously considering quitting Birchbox for awhile, they put something AWESOME in my box! I have this fear that I’m going to quit right before I discover something else I didn’t know I wanted until I tried it. Silly? Maybe, but there it is.

imageSample #1, 2, and 3: Davines OI Shampoo, Conditioner, and All in One Milk
Gosh, where to even start. Historically, I’ve just gotten rid of my hair care samples since I started using MONAT. But since this box had THREE products in the same line, and I had used Davines before MONAT and really liked it, I decided to give them a try. I hadn’t used any other brands on my hair for 6 months, and curiosity got the better of me: would I really notice a difference if I tried something else besides MONAT? The answer was a resounding YES. I made these samples last a full week of showers, and I could already feel/see my hair changing. My hair was soft, yes, but it also felt kind of heavy and sticky from the new products instead of weightless and soft, and it was much less manageable. I started shedding a lot and getting acne on my hairline again. It took forever to dry and style, and my color became duller and less shiny. I’m not making this up!! I was stunned by how many things happened in such a short period of time. I can’t believe I used to put up with all of that and think that it was normal.

Sample #4: The Beauty Crop PBJ Smoothie Stick
I LOVE this lip color stick. It’s like a giant crayon, only creamier. The color is the perfect pink, and it’s not too bright. It goes on matte and lasts a decent amount of time! I wouldn’t necessarily call it “long-lasting”, but you don’t need much to touch it up.

imageSample #5: Aquareveal™ Satin Bright Soft Water Peel for Face
Still haven’t gotten a chance to try this one, but it smells divine! The reviews on it look really promising too. I’m a little nervous about using a peel, but everyone says the texture and the way your skin feels afterward are both great.

imageSample #6: Juliette Has a Gun Anyway perfume
Perfume samples are probably my least favorite because I’m really picky. The last time I got a Juliette Has a Gun sample, the scent was too strong and musky for me. But this one was a pleasant surprise! So far, I’ve only used two perfumes loyally, and this one might become the third musketeer.

imageSample #7: Au Naturale Cosmetics Trio Set in ‘Lovely’
I wasn’t a huge fan of the actual colors in this set, but the texture was nice! I think I would like them better in different colors – it’s hard for me to visualize, but I did like the quality of the products.

I’ve got lots of fun content coming up this month, including my May Birchbox, a Walmart Beauty Box, pictures from our family trip to Jamaica, and more! Stay tuned. :)


Unboxed: March Birchbox


I think it’s official that I will never post one of these during the month I actually receive it.


imageSample #1: Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Cleanser
I haven’t gotten to use this yet, but it has 4 1/2 out of 5 stars on Birchbox’s website! I’ve heard really good things about the brand.

Sample #2: Shiseido Ultimune Power Infusing Concentrate
I hate the price, but I LOVE THIS STUFF. This is the second sample I’ve gotten, but I didn’t mind because it’s incredible. It’s a super-hydrating, light-as-a-feather serum that you can apply in the morning or at night, and it feels so smooth on your skin!
Sample #3: Shiseido ULTIMUNE EYE Power Infusing Eye Concentrate
Basically the same thing as Sample #2, but specifically for your eyes. I like it, but I think if I was going to purchase one of them, I would get Sample #2 and use it around my eyes too.

imageSample #4: Living proof.® Perfect hair Day™ (PhD) Fresh Cut
I know this is backwards from what I said in my last Birchbox post about getting rid of my other hair products…but I almost want to try this, just to see how it compares to MONAT! I haven’t used any other brands on my hair since October (besides dry shampoo), so I’m pretty sure I would notice a difference. I’ll keep you posted.

imageSample #5: Smashbox Photo Op Eyeshadow Trio in ‘Filter’
Smashbox has always been one of those brands that I want to try, I’ve just never talked myself into spending the money on it. I’ve only used this trio once, but each color was highly pigmented and seemed to last awhile!

Sample #6: amika Perk Up Dry Shampoo
I can’t lie: this stuff is awesome. I really hope that MONAT comes out with a dry shampoo this year, but in the meantime, this is my dry shampoo brand. Obliphica smells SO good, and I’ve never noticed any whiteness or flakes when I use it! And if that’s not enough, it has over 48,000 reviews on Birchbox. 48,000.

Bonus: here’s a freebie review from a product I ordered separately! Remember the Arrow lip balm I reviewed in February? DO NOT GET IT. It looked great on my lips for about five minutes, but I think I had some sort of reaction to it, because it made the outside of my lips puffy and bright pink. When the balm wore off, my lips felt drier than they did before I put it on. SO disappointing.

BUT! I found this stuff a few weeks ago and was impressed by the reviews, so I bought it with my Birchbox reward points. IT. IS. AWESOME. The brand is called Lipstick Queen, and the color is Jean Queen. One reviewer described it as “your lip color but better.” The color difference is subtle, but it’s very hydrating and soft. I absolutely love it.

You might recall me mentioning that I’m thinking about giving up my Birchbox subscription. Honestly, I’m not sure what to do and I’d love your input! On one hand, I really enjoy trying out new products, and of COURSE I love getting stuff in the mail every month. I like getting reward points to use toward free full sizes. They’ve done a great job of giving me lots of different brands and products; I’ve had a subscription for three years now and I’ve only gotten a repeat sample once or twice! I’ve also found nearly every makeup favorite from samples I’ve gotten, especially my eyeliner and mascara. But that’s also the problem – I’m pretty much settled with all of my beauty favorites now. And now that I’m using MONAT exclusively, I’m guaranteed to have quite a few hair product samples that I won’t really use anymore. Pro: it’s only $10 a month. Con: I’ve still got a bucket full of samples that I haven’t used yet, and every month adds more to the bucket.

What do you think? Should I keep it, or ditch it?

Unboxed: February Birchbox


My February Birchbox was a big win! February is my birthday month, so I’m probably overly excited about everything in general, but I really was happy about this box. I only got one sample that I won’t use!

Sample #1: Dasein Winter
The ‘minimalist designer’ in me is OBSESSED with the simplicity of this brand’s marketing. The colors, the fonts…everything is so soft and pretty! The scent itself is really nice too – a little on the woodsy side for me, but with just enough fruit/flower notes to tone it down.

Sample #2: Not Soap, Radio Body Wash
Click the link to see the names of the different scents! I love creative marketing, and this box was full of it. I definitely got a good laugh out of it, but I’m not sure I want to spend $16 on body wash…

Sample #3: PARLOR® by Jeff Chastain Detangling Leave-In Conditioner
This is the one sample that I’m not going to use. I almost feel guilty not using it, but at the same time, I’m so sold on my MONAT stuff that I haven’t used any other brand on my hair since October! I wasn’t sure what to do with them for awhile, but some of my girls on Facebook suggested that I donate them to a women’s shelter – and I’m going to do just that!

Sample #4: ARROW BOOST Color Enhancing Lip Balm
I was the BIGGEST skeptic about this! I had the chance to pick one of my samples for this box, and I chose this lip balm because I was intrigued about the possibility of watching my lips change color (while, albeit, also nervous that it would turn my mouth 80’s bubblegum pink). The balm is really smooth and felt so moisturizing, and it left the tiniest amount of shine too, like lip gloss but not sticky! The color change was pretty subtle, but I’m definitely a fan. The real miracle will be if I can actually finish the entire tube without losing it.

Sample #5: (MALIN+GOETZ) clarifying clay mask
I LOVE masks. They are one of my favorite things to sample, and I’ve never used one I didn’t like! (MALIN+GOETZ) hasn’t failed me yet, so I’m excited to try this out.

Stay tuned for next month’s box!

Unboxed: January Birchbox

I know, I know – it’s no longer January. I’m behind…sawwwry. *sigh*

If you’ve never heard of Birchbox, it’s a $10 monthly subscription service that sends you a box of health/beauty samples! They ask you specific questions about your hair, skin, style, and other stuff and tailor your boxes toward those preferences. They also let you review the samples you receive and earn points, which you can turn around and use on any full sizes on their website! I LOVE it. Mostly because I love getting mail, but also because it gives me the chance to try a bunch of different brands that I might never try otherwise! Not to mention the fact that nearly every single one of my makeup go-to’s (mascara, eyeliner, lip stain, etc) has been a Birchbox discovery.

This month, they sent a set of stickers inside the box with instructions to pick a word and attach it to the front of the box, declaring 2016 to be the year of ___. “Ambition” just grabbed me. I’ve got a lot of new things in front of me, but I believe the Lord will equip me for each one if I walk beside Him!

Sample #1: derma e® Hydrating Scrub
I was really happy with the size of this sample. Sometimes the bottles they send are wayyy too small and it feels like you don’t have enough product to sample. Haven’t used it yet, but the reviews on it are great! In a previous box, I got the derma e® hydrating night crème and it was AMAZING, so I’m excited to try this out.

Sample #2: TONYMOLY Delight Tony Tint
OH. MAN. You guys, this lip stain ROCKS. After it dries, it doesn’t feel sticky and it doesn’t wear off quickly. I wore this almost all day and only reapplied a little bit once. I drank from the same cup at work all day and never left red on the rim. And the color is perfect – kind of a cranberry red with the tiniest hint of pink. Two thumbs way up!

Sample #3: Supergoop!® Advanced SPF 37 Anti-Aging Eye Cream
I thought this eye cream was nice, but nothing really special about it. I’m not necessarily worried about aging just yet, haha. But Supergoop!® is a really good brand, so I’m not complaining! I’ll probably take it on our next beach vacation to use as face sunscreen.

Sample #4: Ciaté® Mistress Nail Polish
Nope. Nope nope nope. The nail polish itself might be grand, but this color was not for me. It was a kind of salmon/tangerine hybrid with gold glitter, more of a glitter polish than color. I was a bit confused when I saw the color, because my virtual box made it appear that I would be receiving the Mistress polish (red). I also discovered when I opened it that the lid had cracked in the middle during shipping and nail polish leaked into the crack. I will say one good thing though – the polish brush was awesome! I kind of want to give it another try, I just wish I had gotten a better color as a sample.

Sample #5: IPKN Flash Cream Radiant Primer
This stuff is like WHOA. I’ve used a bunch of different primers, but this one is probably my favorite. I don’t usually wear a lot of face makeup (like foundation), so I don’t necessarily need a primer, but I loved the natural glow this stuff gave me! It added a little more light to my face without feeling heavy. Really, really liked this sample.

FYI: Birchbox did NOT ask me to do this review, I just thought it would be a fun addition to the blog! However, if you like the idea and want to get your own boxes of samples in the mail, here’s my referral link.

I’ll review my newest box each month after it comes in the mail, but I’m thinking about doing a special post about my actual makeup bag – like, my favorite products and how I use them. Anybody interested?

Happy February, everyone! ♥

Happy Mail

Capture 1

My mail has been so HAPPY lately! Some of you may have seen the “secret sister gift exchange” that went around Facebook during the Christmas season, and I was a participant! I sent a $10 gift to a friend’s friend, invited a few of my friends to participate (who sent a gift to my friend, invited their own friends, etc.), and before I knew it, my own surprise packages started arriving.

Capture 2

For the gift exchange, I wrote on my profile that I love Target, Old Navy, and Rifle Paper Company, and that I’m a fan of fuzzy socks, stuff for a luxurious bath, chalkboard-themed things, OPI nail polish, any book from Urban Outfitters, minimalist gold jewelry, eclectic home decor, party supplies, and Chick Fil A – and my friends’ friends sure delivered!! I would definitely do this again next year. I only bought one gift and got all these goodies in return! From 6 secret girlfriends, I received:

  • Rifle Paper Co. journals
  • Deep Steep bubble bath
  • screenprinted kraft paper notebooks
  • OPI base coat and top coat
  • handmade slipper socks from the extremely talented Rebekah Shirey



Capture 3Capture 4

I also got sweet Christmas gifts from two of my best girls, Janna and Eliya. I forgot to take a better picture of the Christmas ornament from Janna and didn’t realize it until I had already put it away with the rest of the Christmas decor, but you can see it in the first picture! It says “Our New Home,” a perfect gift for this year! Eliya gave me the cutest tea cup, as well as a huckleberry candle and a wood-burned ornament that I’m preeeeetty sure she made herself. :)

Capture 5

Notice anything else in the first photo that I didn’t mention? Keep an eye on the blog – my January Birchbox review is coming soon!

What’s your favorite thing to get in the mail?