Earlier this summer, I got to participate in a big gift swap, and it was the sweetest experience! Instagrammer @_whiteafterlaborday has organized several of these swaps in the past and after reading about how great they were, I couldn’t wait to be part of this one. She coordinated the whole swap and only asked for $3 per participant to make up for the time she spent pairing us together. She asked us a few questions to find out about our likes/dislikes/favorites and sent each partner the other partner’s information. The limit for gifts was about $25. I got paired with Lauren Mayet (@lollymya), and I had THE BEST time picking out fun little things to send her. And she knocked it out of the park with my package!


This is what it’s like trying to take a flat-lay photo when you have a dog, haha! #realtalk


I love getting mail, and opening that package knowing that someone picked out all of those things just for me was awesome. I’m definitely participating in the next swap! If you want to see pictures of other girls’ boxes, check out #instasummerswap, and if you want to join me for the next one, follow @_whiteafterlaborday and keep an eye on her posts for a new one later this year!

Have you ever participated in a swap like this before? What was your experience?

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