Why I’ll Be Spending My Saturday Night at a Casino

You guys. OH. MY. GOSH. 

I can’t overstate my excitement right now.

My in-laws live five minutes away from one of the largest casinos in the world, a monstrosity that has hosted world-class performers like Maroon 5, Olivia Newton John, and Blake Shelton. Tonight, WinStar will host an incredible pair of comedians and I WILL BE IN THE AUDIENCE WATCHING THEM.

Who are they, you ask?

Well. I’ll give you a hint or five.

To adequately prepare myself for the outstanding talent and hilarity I will no doubt experience, I’ve been watching little bits and pieces of the following:

– Planes, Trains, and Automobiles
– Arrested Development
– Saturday Night Live
– Father of the Bride
– The Prince of Egypt

These two men have performed together in three of the above.

They are so funny it hurts.

They are so talented it’s stupid.

It should be painfully obvious by now…!!!


AHHHH!!! We’re going to see Steve Martin and Martin Short! I am so pumped!

How should I greet them if fate intervenes and I meet them in person? I’m leaning toward screaming and passing out in front of them (similar to when Jess and Nick meet Prince in New Girl). Any better suggestions?

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