Chicago: Part II

After my crazy day of travel, I got a good night’s sleep – and good thing I did, because once we got started Friday morning, we didn’t stop until we left on Sunday!

  • Thursday: travel day
  • Friday:
      – Chicago Botanic Garden
      – Train ride into the city
      – Homewood Suites
      – Pizzeria Uno
      – John Hancock Building
      – City streets / Oak Street Beach
  • Saturday:
      – Shedd Aquarium
      – Chicago Art Institute
      – Shake Shack
      – Millennium Park
      – Navy Pier
  • Sunday: travel day

On Friday, we made plans to go to the Chicago Botanic Garden. It was SO PRETTY. Seriously, it was amazing. Everything was so green and lush!
  IMG_4096 IMG_4099  IMG_4102  IMG_4106  IMG_4104  IMG_4111  IMG_4116IMG_4107
Brb, I just found the next Thomas Kinkade puzzle. That is a literal field of flowers. *swoon*

After the botanic garden and a quick lunch, we took a train from Deerfield into the city to check into our hotel suite!
IMG_4118  IMG_4123  IMG_4129  IMG_4142 IMG_4137  IMG_4138
This pizza place was one of the first to serve deep dish pizza in Chicago – and it did not disappoint! SO. MUCH. CHEESE.

We parted ways from my grandparents after supper; they went back to the hotel for some much needed rest while Robyn and Jennifer and I took in the gorgeous views from the top of the John Hancock Observatory:IMG_4144 IMG_4145 IMG_4146 IMG_4148 IMG_4150 IMG_4151
It was the perfect time to go up – the sun was setting and it was later in the evening, so there wasn’t a huge amount of people crowding the windows.

After seeing how awesome the the beach looked from the observatory, we made a spontaneous decision to walk over and check it out!IMG_4156 IMG_4157 IMG_4158I could get used to a view like that! If I lived nearby, I think I would go every week.

Oh, and I almost forgot – the view from our hotel room was CHOICE.IMG_4134  IMG_4160

Watch for the last segment of my trip tomorrow morning!

Read about the last day of my Chicago trip here:
Chicago: Part III

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