That Moment When: Summer Clothes Edition

That moment when…

…you walk through the grocery store and see a 75-year-old wearing a shirt you own.

…you have to strategically plan what to wear to church based on how long it’s been since you shaved your legs. (6 days, if you were wondering.)

…you dry the same laundry load about four times out of laziness busyness.

…you give up on ever finding swimsuit separates that simultaneously fit you AND are the same size. (If you can wear small + small or medium + medium, I salute you.)

…you finally break down and go bra shopping, which is undeniably the worst.

…you have literally 27 bras to try on because you have so many to replace.

…after gathering up all of the bras accordion-style in one hand, you realize that because Target puts their fitting rooms in a corner, you have to walk about a mile across the store. With all of the bras. While lots of people stare at you because you are holding enough bras to outfit a small army.

…you try on all 27 bras and find one that fits. Just one. Thestruggleisreal.

…you buy that one bra in three different colors because it’s the only one that works.

…you look in your closet later and realize you own the exact same shirt in two different colors. (Apparently this is what I do?)

…you put on Spanx and legitimately consider it your workout for the day.

…you consider becoming a nudist so as to stop the never-ending laundry cycle.

…you remember that FALL IS COMING SOON and you’ll be able to wear jeans without wanting to die. Please, God, let it be soon.

Happy Monday! Hope this starts your week off right!

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