New Marriage Series, Coming Soon!


In case it wasn’t obvious, I kinda like that guy up there. ^^ We’ve been married three and half years, and each year that goes by is better than the one before. The longer I’m married, though, the more I learn that a good marriage doesn’t just happen by accident – it’s created with intention.

The world we live in now paints a very weird picture of marriage, and I’ve had just about enough. This blog is about engaging people in conversations about things that matter, and marriage matters. It’s one of the best representations of God’s relationship with us. As married believers, we have been charged with the responsibility of representing Christ through our relationships with our spouses – we can’t NOT take that seriously.

I’m a “healthy marriage” advocate. Our nation needs more of them. We are painfully flawed humans, but we have a powerfully great God, and I believe He has a lot to teach us about our relationships with each other and with Him through great marriages.

So, to start things off right, I want to hear from you! What would you like to discuss? What topics related to marriage are important to shed light on?

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