8 New Things in 2016

What up, y’all?? It’s 2016!!

I don’t know about you, but I had the most delicious Christmas break. Having nearly 2 weeks of paid holidays from work was good for my heart. I decided to take a nice long break from MONAT and the blog too, in order to truly relax – sorry I’ve been so quiet lately! (Okay not really.) I spent my days off sleeping in, catching up on unpacking the last few boxes in our house, binge-watching Friends on Netflix again, and enjoying Christmas with both of my families. Oddly enough, however, I didn’t spend much time reflecting over my year. Not normal for me, but whatever. For the last few weeks, everybody’s been recapping 2015 all over social media (so many weddings and babies, dear goodness). And while I could do that, I’m just waaay too pumped about what 2016 will hold to look back for very long. There’s lots of newness to celebrate and good things to look forward to in the Hendrickson household!

And the first thing is…..

1. NO. MORE. STUDENT. LOANS. #everyemotionthatexists
As of last night, I’m free. I’m in a delirious state of shock. It feels like a joke! How brilliant was God’s idea to give me a financially savvy husband and provide us both with jobs so quickly after college?? Without question, my OBU education was an investment worth making, but I can’t lie – it feels really, really good to be done giving them money. Literally tens of thousands of dollars paid off in just three and a half years. Endless thanks to the Lord for allowing us to be student-loan-free so quickly!

2. A season of grace and renewal.
I’m long overdue for a warm soak in a spiritual bath. I’ve allowed too many things to cloud my mind with fear and steal away my trust in the One who’s never given me any reason NOT to trust Him. It just makes sense that the new year would happen in the middle of such stagnant season of life, and I’m grateful for new beginnings. God doesn’t want my resolutions; He just wants my love. He doesn’t want me to try harder; He wants me to surrender. If I nurture my friendship with Him and truly love Him, the other things He asks of me won’t seem so difficult anymore.

13. Decorating my new house.
Taking down the Christmas tree was obviously depressing, but I’ve finally been able to unpack my “normal” decorations and had extra time last week to put some up! My style has been evolving over the last couple of years, and I have more wall space that I used to, which was a bit overwhelming at first. But I love starting with a fresh canvas. Watch for a Hendrickson home tour coming up in the next month or two!

4. The newest Hendrickson family member.
His name is Fitz, and he is the bee’s knees! He’s a 7-month-old German Shepherd who’s still growing into his giant paws. We’re in the midst of crate training, but there have only been a few bad nights of howling so far. He’s the perfect blend of *happy* and chill, and I’m in love.

SOSU job
5. Celebrating a year at my job.

In less than a month, I will have been a recruiter for Southeastern for an entire year. What!? Sure, I’ve had a few weeks of early mornings and late nights, but there’s something addicting about being on the road. I love the atmosphere, the people I work with, and the fun events I get to help plan (not to mention the vacation days, holla!). It’s been such a great job!

6. Daniel’s CPA exams.
My husband is so hardworking. I’ve never met anyone with his drive and perseverance. The CPA process involves four incredibly difficult accounting exams, and he has already passed two of them since July! I have so much confidence that he’ll pass the other two this year too. Pray for him, when you think about it!

7. My nephew’s first birthday.
Sweet Zeke – he is so cute I just can’t stand it. I’m in denial that he’s almost a year old. Only a few more months and I can add “watching someone eat birthday cake” to the list of things people find mindblowingly adorable when babies do them. :)

8. Vacationing.
When Daniel started CPA-ing last summer, I knew we would need a trip away from work and studying this year. I have no clue where we’re going, but we’re going somewhere! Daniel’s only request was that we branch out from the Caribbean, since we’ve already been there a lot. Right now, I’m considering the Northeast/Northwest US and Europe. I have lots of ideas, but I’d love some help! Where should we go?? Any tips for adventuring well on a more modest budget?

Happy New Year, friends! Hope your 2016 is full of adventure and growth!

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