It’s Daniel Day!


When we met, I was 19 and he was 21. WHAT. We were such babies! And yet somehow, seven years doesn’t seem like the right length of time for us to have known each other. Simultaneously, it feels as if we met only a few moments ago, and also decades ago (yes, I’m old enough to say decades). How is it possible for someone to engrave themselves so deeply and so quickly on another human’s heart? I think it’s because he’s always been part of me, before I even know who he was. He is the guy I thought about, prayed for, wrote letters to, cried to the Lord over, and waited impatiently for.

It’s his 28th birthday today, and like always, I’m full to the brim with things to say. Daniel, we both know that mush is absolutely my forte and absolutely not yours, but I’m sorry – you’ll just have to suffer through me saying nice things about you right now.

I’ve said it a hundred times already, but you are the most diligent, hard-working person I know. Not exaggerating.

You pretend like you’re not good with words, but your short stories, comic poetry and on-the-spot made up lyrics to literally every song on the radio suggest otherwise.

I know you so well, I can tell what kind of mood you’re in just based on your voice.

I love that you ask me what I think about shirts before you buy them. Even though most of the time, I don’t mind if you get one even if I don’t like it, a lot of guys wouldn’t even think of asking.

You are sarcastic and silly, yes, but the truly sweet things you’ve said to me will stay with me forever. Your words are powerful, and you have used them to build me up. I’ll never be able to adequately thank you for that.

It’s not the big, expensive, photo-worthy gestures that make me love him. It’s the small, seemingly insignificant things that continued to add up over seven years. Little things like bringing me Milano cookies from work, warming up my side of the bed when our heat went out, cleaning up after Fitz, and letting me have the window seat on the plane. He’s the best, closest friend I’ve ever had. He’s strong, he’s wise, he’s dedicated, and he’s worthy of all the respect I have to give.

Happy 28th, Daniel! I love you more than Chick Fil A, and that’s saying something. :)


One thought on “It’s Daniel Day!

  1. Bernadean says:

    Happy Birthday to a great person born on my birthday! Haven’t you been abundantly blessed by your marriage to Daniel, Laura?


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