Did You Know?


Did you know that when you buy something from a network marketer or small business owner, you’re not just buying a thing? You’re not. You’re buying more than a book, some lipstick, a piece of decor for your house, a photography session, or a bottle of shampoo.

You’re buying hundreds of hours of planning, failures, and experimentation.

You are buying days, weeks, and months of frustration and moments of straight up JOY.

You are buying a piece of someone’s vulnerable heart, a part of a dream being realized, a moment of someone’s life.

And most importantly of all, you are buying someone more time to do something that they are very passionate about.

MONAT doesn’t replace my income, and it doesn’t need to! I love my job, and I’m thankful to have one. I never set out to make a million dollars with this little side hustle anyway. But you know what it DOES allow me to do?

I have extra money to get a new pair of jeans if I want, or buy a bunch of fun decorations for a baby shower, or get fresh flowers to keep in the house just because I love fresh flowers. I get to contribute, little by little, to a vacation fund to take Daniel on a trip for passing the CPA. I don’t feel guilty spending money. I don’t worry about the little purchases adding up at the end of the month. AND, on top of all of that, I get to hear the sweet stories about people falling in love with their hair again because of the best products in.the.world.

I truly can’t say thank you enough to everyone who supports my business, whether you’re a one-time customer or you try something new every month. ;) You’re doing so much more than just buying shampoo from me. You’re making possible those little things that add sunshine to my life. Thank you for contributing to my joy!

Happy weekend, y’all!

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