Life Update + Reasons to Celebrate

I blinked, guys, and it’s September. Am I right?? I honestly can’t remember the last time I felt like I was caught up on everything. I’ve spent an absurd amount of this year glorifying the “busy” in my life, but I’m learning to let go. It’s exhausting trying to be in control of everything all the time, especially when so few things are actually within my control. God is really a better planner than I am anyway. In the meantime, here’s some life updates and things we’ve been excited about lately!


Fitz has been extra clingy lately and is reverting back to his old rambunctiousness. He chewed up a Sharpie pen the other day, and the next evening, I caught him finishing off a completely-full EOS chapstick. Naturally, I panicked and immediately googled “My dog just ate chapstick, IS HE GOING TO DIE.” Thankfully he didn’t eat any of the plastic, and we haven’t noticed him acting any weirder than normal! If anything, he’s more excited to see us at the end of the day and is a big sweetheart right before we go to bed.


This handsome person passed the third part of the CPA exam!! Such a huge relief to both of us, but nothing compared to what I’m sure we’ll feel when he takes and passes the fourth and final exam! Not sure when we’ll get results, but believe me: when I find out he passes, you’ll hear my screams around the world.


We found this cute little guy at work a few weeks ago and it just KILLED me to not be able to take it home myself! I told my boss we should keep him and make him our own office mascot. :) Daniel is allergic to cats (so I’ll probably never own one), so I soaked up every second. One of our student workers ended up ‘adopting’ him, and I’m so glad he’s got a good home!

We also got the chance to babysit our adorable nephew, Zeke, a few weekends ago so my ‘brother’ and ‘sister’ could go to a Ranger’s game! It was the longest amount of time I’ve ever spent with him, and it was an exhausting and yet still delicious taste of stay-at-home-mom life. I was completely worn out by the end of the day and gained a brand new respect for all moms everywhere, just from that one babysitting gig. Boy, is he cute though! He has so much energy now that he doesn’t really cuddle as much as he used to, but when he does….*melting*. Those cuddles made my tiredness totally worth it.

One of our biggest pieces of news is our new Honda Ridgeline!! It’s the craziest thing. Daniel researched all kinds of highly-rated trucks for months, and this BRAND NEW one was substantially less expensive than the used ones that were several years older and had way more miles. When we drove this truck out of the parking lot, guess how many miles it had on it? Seven. SEVEN MILES. Neither of us ever thought we would ever get a new car, but this was too good to be true! It’s already been a huge blessing to us, and I’m so thankful that God provided something we both needed and wanted at just the right time.

Bye, Gordon – see ya never!

Most recently, I got to spend some girl time with my sweet mama. I legitimately can’t even remember the last time just the two of us got to spend an extended period of time together, and it was SO nice. We went thrifting, ate lunch, got pedicures (a first for Mom!), grabbed a snack from Caked Up, and did a little more shopping before heading home. She and my dad came back to Durant together the next weekend, and while I didn’t get any pictures of all of us together, it was like most weekends with my family: full of food and card games. :)

What’s new in your world? Hope you’re having a happy week!


One thought on “Life Update + Reasons to Celebrate

  1. Mignonne Tadlock says:

    Enjoyed the pictures and news. we are chugging along, working out, picking flowers out of the yard. Today your Dad showed pictures from the Vienna trip to our Joy group…seniors.
    Love you – pray for you.



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