Remember Me?

Ohmaword, y’all. *facepalm*

This year RAN away from me!! I have so much to catch you up on, and there’s…*checks watch*…about thirteen minutes before it’s 2017, so let’s not waste any time, shall we?

I had the honor and privilege of throwing two fun parties this fall – a baby shower for my girl Kelli, and a CPA celebration for Daniel! More pics of both to come very soon. Pinky promise.

I still love animals almost more than humanly possible. For anyone wondering, Britches (on the left) is a rag doll cat and the floofiest flurf there ever was. And Fitz does, in fact, have his front legs; we did not chop them off. But this picture of him still makes me laugh months later, so you’re welcome!


I’ve been gallery wall dreaming for a wall in our bedroom, and I got some Christmas presents that will help make it happen! You can find more of my home decor inspiration here.

Did you know you can go clothes shopping on Instagram?? Like, people have their own thrift shops set up. I’ve found all kinds of goodies, and that plaid popover should be waiting for me when I get home from traveling! It’s also time for my semi-annual closet cleanout, so keep an eye out for some cute deals soon.

I got my wisdom teeth out almost two weeks ago…two GIANT thumbs down. I severely underestimated my recovery time, and I had one dry socket that is still not completely done torturing me. But Fitz was such a snuggly bear the week after my surgery. Seriously, he’s never been that cuddly, ever. It made my heart burst with feelings. And speaking of Fitz feelings…

I mean…*heart eyes*. He pokes his head up like that when you have a snack you won’t share, and this time, he actually fell asleep. I died.

The week before Christmas, my sister Robyn and I made a spontaneous plan to go see my grandparents again in Chicago! We went in the summer of 2015, and it was so much fun to revisit a few spots. I’ll share more of this trip in a week or so!

Truth booth moment: I’m one of those people who is not sorry to say goodbye to 2016. I definitely had fun things to celebrate and good memories, like new babies, weddings, graduations, and Daniel passing the CPA, but this year has brought a lot of difficulty and heartache with it too. Through it all, though, God has continued to be so, so gracious to us, and I’m hopeful for the “beginning” that arrives with each new year. I pray that 2017 is marked by less debilitating doubt and more unwavering trust.

Happy New Year! :)



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