Spring Cleaning: 60 Things in 60 Days


Since it’s March (and I’ve basically given up on ever getting to enjoy snow again in 2017), I’m starting a spring cleaning challenge! I found this adorably awesome post by Magnolia Moon while Robyn and I were in Chicago over Christmas break, and I knew instantly that I wanted to do it. De-cluttering my house AND only having to sort through one thing per day? Win win.

I still hate cleaning with my entire being (there’s a song in there somewhere..), but ever since the experience I had doing the dishes with God, cleaning is becoming weirdly therapeutic for me. Even though I’d still rather listen to NPR for 8 hours than spend 15 minutes cleaning my kitchen, I’m starting to see every act of service, every moment I choose to take care of my blessing of a home, for what it really is.


Everything we do is a way to prove that we mean it when we say we ‘love’ God. It’s not enough to love Him with our words – “Actions speaker louder” and all that. :)

Wanna join me in the challenge?? Comment below, head over to Magnolia Moon’s website for a free printable list, and tag me in your spring cleaning pictures on social media! 

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