2020 Goals + Word for the Year


• 2020 •

Continue my streak from last year and spend time in God’s Word every single day.

Go skydiving!

Do a “no-spend” week.

Visit somewhere new with Daniel.
1. New York Public Library and lots more of Central Park on our NYC trip

Call my parents, siblings, and grandparents more.
Already working on this! Only a few months into the year and I’ve already had multiple extended phone conversations with all of them.

Try something new: an intimidating recipe, learn common phrases in a few other languages, geocaching, maybe a yoga pose. Something brand new to me.
1. Completed the Operation Underground Railroad Signs of Trafficking course online
2. Hosted a wine-and-pairing party for Joel’s birthday and tried a Cabernet Sauvignon and prosciutto for the first time
3. Ate authentic Chinese barbecue in Chinatown – NOT what I had planned on ordering originally, but I just went with it. And I ate the entire meal with chopsticks.

Go to a drive-in movie.

Make some emergency preparedness kits: one for the car, one for the basement, etc.

Have at least one TV-free day per week and one social media-free day per month.
January: TV ⊗⊗✓✓✓ // Social media
February: TV ⊗⊗ // Social media ⊗
March: TV ⊗ _ _ // Social media __
April: TV _ _ _ _ _ // Social media __
May: TV _ _ _ _  // Social media __
June: TV _ _ _ _  // Social media __
July: TV _ _ _ _ _ // Social media __
August: TV _ _ _ _ // Social media __
September: TV _ _ _ _ _ // Social media __
October: TV _ _ _ _ // Social media __
November: TV _ _ _ _ // Social media __
December: TV _ _ _ _ _ // Social media __

Shop local more: downtown shops, summer farmer’s market, etc.
1. Bought a new dress at Southern Drawl Boutique as part of my ’20 in 2020′ challenge

I’m also continuing my tradition of picking a Word for the Year! The last three have been HopeCourage, and Joy. Joy was the absolute PERFECT word to describe 2019, and for 2020, my word is:

D I S C I P L I N E .

I’m not gonna lie, my whole body dry-heaved just typing it. But I feel deeply burdened by my lack of discipline in too many important areas to count, and I am confident, yet again, that this word was given to me by the Lord for a reason. Here’s to another year of learning and growing!

What is one of your goals for this year? Tell me in the comments!