2022 Goals + Word for the Year

Photo by the talented Christian Toews

• 2022 •

Complete the 40-day sugar fast.
This was such a good experience! I knew before I even finished it that I would want to do it again, and I DID do it again in August. I think it will be something I do at least once a year from now on.

Spend time writing at least once a week.
January: ✓✓✓✓
February: ✓X✓X
March: ✓✓✓XX
April: ✓✓X
May: ✓X✓X
July: XXXX
August: XXXXX
September: XXX✓
October: XXXXX
November: X __ __ __
December: __ __ __ __

Start tracking the number of ‘wears’ for my wardrobe items.
Paige from Style This Life does this, and she inspired me to find out which items in my closet I wear the most and which ones I wear the least. It has been very revelatory, and it has also made me want to reach for things I used to never reach for. I’ve gotten even stricter with my purging over the last few months, and I’m really trying to only keep items I genuinely LOVE. This helps so much when I’m looking for something to wear, because I only see things I actually WANT to wear.

Make a difficult recipe.

Start learning the basics of another language.

Do some professional/personal development for work.
In the summer and early fall, I completed the Lean Practitioner, Green, Black, Master Black, Scrum, and Project Manager certifications for Lean Six Sigma! I also completed Mod 1 of the iPEC executive coaching program with my team.

Go to at least five live performances (concert, comedy show, Broadway play, etc.).
1. The Popcast Live! in Dallas with Sheridan Burns and Sarah Hughes, April 2022
2. Mean Girls Broadway show in Dallas with Brittani Blankenship, May 2022
3. Pitbull concert at the Durant Choctaw Casino with the McCains, September 2022
4. Bill Burr comedy show in Dallas with Cory and Vic, September 2022

Finish our living room refresh.

Make a calendar to keep track of family and friends’ birthdays.

Pick up a new hobby.
Daniel and I started playing golf with friends this summer! It wasn’t something I ever thought he’d be interested in, but we had a great time.

Take a class with Daniel and learn something new together.

Start reading the Dune book series.

As I reflected on the last couple of years, I started to wonder what my word for 2022 would be. Until this year, I always seemed to discover my word in December, before the new year even began. But as 2021 came to a close, I felt uninspired. My mind was strangely blank. I didn’t want to force anything, so I just decided to take a break from the whole “Word For the Year” thing. Little did I know that God had three pieces of inspiration waiting for me on Instagram within the first few days of 2022. First, I felt convicted by Ruth Chou Simons’s post about worship before service and being deeply rooted. Second, I pondered Phenomenal’s post about how TODAY is a special occasion. And third, I read Joanna Gaines’s “Have a fun!” post about slowing down and playing more.

Thanks to that nudge from the Lord, my word for 2022 is:

S A V O R .

I want to wear the good perfume without waiting for a special occasion. I want to notice the small, seemingly inconsequential things, the simple joys, and not put so much pressure on everything to be a bucket list item. I want to enjoy the Lord more than His gifts. I want to savor delicious meals without guilt, and good books, and rainy days, and spontaneous movie nights, and how my body feels after a good workout. I want to savor even the hard, uncomfortable things as opportunities for growth and deeper trust in Christ.

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