Colorado Road Trip: Part II

If you missed Part I of this trip, read this post first!

I honestly don’t know how people drive safely in Colorado. Everywhere you look, the view is constantly like this:


And for those of you who have been to Colorado before, you know this picture doesn’t even do it justice. I mean, seriously – how do drivers keep their eyes on the road??  The closer we got to Pagosa Springs, the more beautiful the view became, and I, for one, couldn’t stop staring.

Like I mentioned in my last post, I completely forgot to take any pictures of our cabin. But I did snap a few of the view from our wraparound porch! This one ⇓ was taken from the front door, facing the driveway…


…and this one ⇓ was taken from the side. If the photo panned further to the right, you’d be able to see that the trees get even thicker. This was my favorite spot to sit and read – the air was clear, the view was spectacular, and the atmosphere was so calming. It did my heart good.

One of my favorite things we did on the trip was go whitewater rafting! My parents aren’t super outdoorsy, particularly my dad, but they had gone rafting on several trips they took together and knew they wanted to take the rest of us. We rafted the San Juan River with the guys from Pagosa Outside, and it was a BLAST! Our guide was hilarious, and I was really thankful that they put us in full wetsuits – the water in the river was snow less than 12 hours before we were splashing around in it! I have nothing but good things to say about that day.

Another place we visited that was really enjoyable was Chimney Rock! It doesn’t look very big in the picture below that I took from the highway, but trust me. It’s ENORMOUS.


Funny story (actually not really that funny), we ended up going to Chimney Rock twice! Our original plan was to check out Mesa Verde, but we decided it was a bit too far of a drive from where we were staying, so we looked for something a bit closer. Chimney Rock was only about 20 minutes from our cabin, so we drove up after lunch. We paid for parking and entrance to the area, only to find out after going on a truly dumb self-guided walking tour that we were too late for the actual hike up to Chimney Rock. Which the park volunteers neglected to tell us before taking our money. *facepalm* So basically, we paid to walk around a sidewalk for 30 minutes before going back to the cabin. We were very frustrated, but Dad really wanted us to get to explore the mountain, so we went back again later that week. And it really was incredible! I’m not a big history buff, but I love looking at old structures and imagining the people who lived there, and I’m always a sucker for a good view.


This is about as close as we were able to get – the trail leading closer to the rock mounds had gotten really scary, and they don’t take guests that way anymore. The pictures don’t even do justice to how huge they were.

Aaaaaaaaaand this is what happens when you try to get Daniel to take a picture of you jumping in the air on top of a mountain.


We could literally see for miles. One of the most incredible views I’ve ever seen.


The rest of the week was spent watching movies, eating, and taking turns washing dishes after discovering that the cabin we were staying in didn’t have a dishwasher. Lol. But it was an amazing week, regardless, and I hope we get to go back!

P.S. Oh and also, for the sentimental types: I met Daniel 8 years ago today, on August 2nd, 2009. EIGHT. YEARS. AGO. Time flies! ♥

Colorado Road Trip: Part I


Ahhhhh, this trip was such a breath of fresh air – literally! Colorado fully exceeded my expectations and was unbelievably beautiful. Neither Daniel nor I had ever been to Colorado before, and this was also our first time to go on vacation with my family. So many wonderful memories were made!

The first leg of our journey took us through Amarillo to pick up my brother, Corey. He’s a meteorologist for KAMR, and an amazing one at that. We got a tour of his station, stood in front of the green screen and pointed at nothing, and even watched him do the weather live from inside the studio! Proud sister moment. :)


The next morning, we drove the rest of the way to Colorado and made it to our cabin, which I somehow managed to take ZERO PICTURES OF. *facepalm* Regardless, it was comfy and cute and had a terrific view! I’ll share some picture of the view from the front porch in my next post.

Our week was spent relaxing, watching movies, playing games, and taking in the scenery through several means, including whitewater rafting and hiking. Our first activity was taking the Durango & Silverton Narrow Gauge Railroad train from – you guessed it – Durango to Silverton. We had a front-row seat to mountain views and the rushing river from our open-air car, and it was an amazing experience!



Silverton, it turns out, is just baaaaarely a town. Definitely touristy, but it was easy to navigate and I was very impressed with the shopping. Almost every store carried genuinely cute, clever things I had never seen before, and the downtown walk through all the little shops really was enjoyable. Especially when all you had to do was glance up and see huge mountains towering above everything else around you. *sigh*

Can you imagine if that were your Main Street??

After we got back to the cabin, Daniel and Corey decided that they wanted to take me and Robyn on a hike to a spot they visited the night before. Little did I know how much further they would take us past the point they hiked to before, and how much I would hate everyone by the time we were done. Lol. The altitude was killing me, and I felt out of breath after going just a few yards. But we made it to the top of a pretty significant peak, and the view from the top was choice.

This is the face of a girl who realized she had to climb all the way back down and already hated everything after scaling a very steep mountain and almost dying.


But still. That view, right??

Part II coming soon!

Alaska Anniversary Photo Shoot


When Daniel and I took our Alaskan cruise, one of the most exciting parts of the trip was meeting up with one of our wedding photographers in Juneau for a 5-year anniversary shoot. And honestly, the whole day feels like I dreamed it. There were a few mishaps, like the fact that our original location was covered up by clouds and it rained on us a lot. But it really didn’t matter because we had the most incredible time wandering around Mendenhall Lake with Catie, and I will treasure these pictures forever!


Nugget Falls. Aka, the waterfall of my dreeeeeams.


Cool story – see that glacier behind us? The adventure excursion we took later that day included paddling across the lake, hiking up on top of the glacier, and exploring the ice caves underneath!! AH-MAY-ZING. Pictures from that part of our trip are here.

CBP-Laura-Dan-Juneau-2017-43CBP-Laura-Dan-Juneau-2017-45CBP-Laura-Dan-Juneau-2017-46CBP-Laura-Dan-Juneau-2017-48CBP-Laura-Dan-Juneau-2017-50 (1)CBP-Laura-Dan-Juneau-2017-51CBP-Laura-Dan-Juneau-2017-56CBP-Laura-Dan-Juneau-2017-58CBP-Laura-Dan-Juneau-2017-63CBP-Laura-Dan-Juneau-2017-64CBP-Laura-Dan-Juneau-2017-66CBP-Laura-Dan-Juneau-2017-68CBP-Laura-Dan-Juneau-2017-70

In this next little mini segment, Catie told Daniel to cuddle up close and whisper in my ear. So naturally, he did this: ⇓ ⇓

Catie: “Whisper sweet nothings!”
Daniel (seductively): “I love asparagus…”


Man, I like him.


The pose above has almost become a “signature” for us – we have an engagement picture and a wedding picture posed and positioned exactly like this, so I asked Catie to take one like them to keep the accidental tradition going.


SIGH. I seriously want to take a photographer on all our vacations now. So dreamy! Thanks again, Catie! ♥



30 By 30 Update, June 2017

Y’all I’m SO FIRED UP right now!! I have checked a bunch of stuff off my list lately, and I’m totally giddy. Something about crossing things off of a checklist gives me a boost of energy to go cross everything else off. Haha! Here’s what I’ve done since my last update in November:

#2 – Take an Alaskan cruise. I cannot appropriately explain how mind-blowingly awesome this trip was. We got to visit Seattle, Juneau, Skagway, Glacier Bay, Ketchikan, and Victoria. Plus, we got to take anniversary pictures in Juneau (SWOON) and hang out with friends on our last day in Seattle! Dreamy, amazing, once-in-a-lifetime experience. I’m still reeling from the beauty of it all.

#6 – Read 10 new books. I really feel like I’m on a roll with this one. I’ve finished a bunch since my last update, and I’m excited about the ones in my ‘queue’. So far, I’ve read Bossypants by Tina Fey, The Energy Bus by Jon Gordon, The Defining Decade by Meg Jay, Adulting: How to Become a Grown-Up in 468 Easy(ish) Steps by Kelly Williams Brown, and Wild and Free by Jess Connolly and Hayley Morgan. Our community group from church is reading The Meaning of Marriage by Tim Keller, and I’m also working my way through Redeeming Love by Francine Rivers again (I’ve read it before, but MAN it’s so good).

#11 – Deliver meals to new parents. So far, we’ve taken food to the Whitley family to celebrate baby Abigail, and the Newton family to celebrate baby Éowyn! And there are lots more babies coming this year (including my first niece, Karis – she’s a doll!!), so I know we’ll get to do this again. :)

#18 – Take anniversary pictures with Daniel. Check check CHECK!! I don’t know if we’ll ever be able to top the experience of one of our wedding photographers, the amazing Catie Bartlett, taking our pictures at a glacial lake in Alaska.

#20 – Update my home décor. Technically this one was already on my last update, but I’ve added new things since! I got a gorgeous wooden ‘Oklahoma’ from my mom for Christmas, I updated our living room bookcases with new decorations, added a gallery wall in our master bedroom, and finally decorated the guest bathroom with an easy DIY craft project that I unfortunately did not take pictures of – bad Laura.

#21 – Make our backyard fun. There’s still lots to do, but adding some globe string lights and a planter of wildflowers definitely improved the back porch!

#26 – Visit 5 new states. Washington, Alaska, and Colorado are new additions – three down, two to go! We technically visited Utah…but we were only in the airport, so it doesn’t really count.

#30 – Take a road trip. The Simma clan family vacation to Colorado helped me knock this one out. Wayyy too many hours spent in the car, but lots of music, pretty views, snacks, and inside jokes with my siblings made it better.

Can’t wait to keep checking more off of this list – almost a third of the way through, and I still have 2½ years to finish the rest! To check out what else is on my list, go here.


Alaska: Part III

PART III // Ketchikan, Victoria, & Seattle

The last three days of our trip were spent wandering around Ketchikan (a tiny Alaska fishing town), Victoria (a gorgeous British-like Canadian city), and Seattle again! We had shorter port times in Ketchikan and Victoria, so we didn’t get to explore much, but we still enjoyed walking around town. And it was fun to be shown Seattle by friends who actually live there, rather than running around aimlessly on our own.


–Breakfast at Sweet Mermaids
–Creek Street

It rained on us in Ketchikan, so we didn’t spend too much time walking around. But we found a cute little coffee shop near the waterfront called Sweet Mermaids, and Daniel got the best cheese danish either of us had ever tasted. We also walked through the historic Creek Street area and stopped in a few of the shops along the way.


–Empress Hotel
–British Columbia Parliament Building

I was heartbroken that we didn’t have more time here – it was absolutely charming! The only place I knew I wanted to go was the the corner of Belleville and Government to see the Empress Hotel and the British Columbia Legislature, and both were stunning. I would have loved to have visit the Butchart Gardens or go whale watching, but I’m glad we didn’t book an excursion, because it took FOREVER to get off the ship and we would have missed it.


SEATTLE, Take 2:
–Pike Place Market
–Kerry Park / Gas Works Park
–Elliot Bay for lunch

I LOVED this day!! We got to visit some beautiful places AND hang out with some old friends from Oklahoma. I wasn’t sure what we were going to do between getting off the cruise ship at 8:00 am and our flight at 5:00 pm, and Stephen and Jimi Hightower totally saved the day. They picked us up at the cruise terminal, drove us and our suitcases around all day, and basically gave us a personalized tour of Seattle. We got to see Pike Place Market (a bucket list place for me), lots of parks, and their new apartment – isn’t their mug holder cute?? Jimi is ultra crafty, and you can check out some of her other projects here!

Thanks again, Stephen and Jimi, for showing us your city! :)


The only dark cloud on our entire trip was trying to go home. Our flight was supposed to leave at 5:00 pm, so the Hightowers dropped us off at the airport at 3:00. We went to a self-service kiosk to check in, and the screen told us that it was too late to check our bags. Confused, we went to the desk to check in there instead. When we handed the lady our tickets, she got a weird look on her face and started typing on her computer.

“What time is your flight?” she asked.

“5:00,” I said nervously.

More typing.

“Hmm….that flight was actually moved to 3:20.”

My heart raced. “Um…what???”

Immediately, Daniel asked, “Well, can we make it??”

Without a shred of sympathy, the lady said, “No, I’m sorry.”

I was speechless.

Daniel: “Okay…what time is the next available flight?”

Lady: “Let me check….(longest pause ever)….it looks like the next earliest flight is at 11:15 pm.”

Cue me dissolving into tears.

Long story short, we had to transfer from American to Alaska Airlines and sit in the airport for 8 extra hours. We checked and double-checked our emails, and neither of us had received any communication from American at all that day – not even a regular check-in email for our original flight time. We should have gotten home around midnight or 1:00 am, and instead, we pulled in our driveway around 7:00 am. NOT IDEAL. But besides that nightmare, we had a wonderful trip! And here is a picture of my Starbucks, because when you’re stuck in an airport for that long, what else is there to do than be a basic white girl?


In case you missed them, here’s Part I and Part II of this trip.

If you’re not ready for the vacation pictures to end, don’t worry – I’m going to Colorado with my family this month, and I’ll have lots of more gorgeous goodness to share soon!

Alaska: Part II


Juneau, Skagway, and Glacier Bay: the three loveliest days of our trip! I’m so glad I took pictures, but I’m also glad that I had the strength to put down the iPhone and just look around every once in awhile, and believe me – I drank in every detail. The strongest memory I have from the trip is how many times I felt so incredibly small, staring up at the towering mountains and trees around us and losing all my words. I’ve never been anywhere so beautiful in my life. It’s hard to believe that the locals actually get used to such breathtaking views and forget how wonderful their ‘backyard’ really is! I could ramble on for way too long about how gorgeous everything was – but I think I’ll just show you instead. ;)

–took anniversary pictures at a glacial lake
–went on an ice caves excursion
–ate the best seafood I’ve ever had

So many words, and yet so few at the same time. AMAZING day. Shout-out to Catie Bartlett for taking what I know will be the most incredible pictures (separate post to come later!), to our glacier adventure crew for taking us on the most baller excursion EVER, and to Tracy’s King Crab Shack for the most ridonkulous crab bisque – possibly the best soup, period, that I’ve ever had in my life. During our excursion, we paddled across the lake, explored the ice caves, and hiked up on top of the Mendenhall Glacier. Not for the faint of heart, but wayyyy worth the tired arms and legs!

–rode the White Pass Scenic Railway
–EXPLORED the idyllic downtown area
–LUNCH at skagway brewing company

Another amazing day! We booked the train ride because it was the #1-rated excursion for Skagway, and it did not disappoint – the views were unreal. We went all the way up into Canada and turned around on the track, so we got to see both sides of the track during the trip. I loved the guide’s narration about the railroad and the route hundreds of people traveled during the gold rush. Afterward, we walked around town (very picturesque!), got some fudge and truffles from a candy shop, and ate lunch at Skagway Brewing Company.

–perfect sightseeing spot on the boat
–Margerie Glacier and Lamplugh Glacier
–roughly one billion sea otters

Honestly? I don’t even know where to start with how pretty this place was. The glaciers were enormous. The Margerie Glacier is 250 feet high and over a mile long! We had a completely unobstructed view of the bay for the entire day, aside from an obnoxious 20 minutes when a huge group of very rude people stood directly in front of our chairs to take about 700 pictures together. Literally, they were maybe a foot in front of us. *eye roll* But besides that, we had a great day on the ship! We spent a lot of time watching the mountains and the water for signs of wildlife, and I’m not kidding – we probably saw at least 200 otters float by the ship within a 30-minute period. They were so cute!

One of my favorite things we did all week was watch the sunset from the back of the ship as we sailed back out of Glacier Bay. Funny enough, it was 10:00 pm when I took this picture! We were the only people on deck, and it was such a sweet, peaceful moment.

The third and final piece of the Alaska trip series is coming soon – stay tuned for photos from Ketchikan, Victoria, and our one-day tour of Seattle with the Hightowers!

Alaska: Part I


Y’all. Y’ALL. 

I don’t have enough adjectives for this trip. “Amazing,” “incredible,” “unbelievable” – nothing comes close enough. I am so, so thankful that we were able to take this trip, and it’ll be hard to top it in the future (although we’re definitely up for the challenge!).

During this trip, we visited Seattle, Juneau, Skagway, Glacier Bay, Ketchikan, and Victoria. Each place had its own unique charm, but my favorite moments were sailing through Glacier Bay, hanging out with the Hightowers in Seattle, and pretty much the entire day we spent in Juneau!

Part I // Seattle & Exploring the Ship

Seattle has always been a “bucket list” city for me, what with all the parks, markets, food, and good views, and luckily we had some time to see the place! We flew into SeaTac in the early afternoon on Friday, took an Uber to our hotel, unpacked a little, and then went for a walk. I picked a perfectly-located hotel completely by accident – less than a mile walk from Pike Place Market and the waterfront! We ate at an urban chic seafood place called Etta’s (delish fried cod and shrimp!), got dessert from Piroshky Piroshky, and rode the Great Wheel.



The next morning, we explored the area around our hotel to find a coffee shop for breakfast, and I quickly discovered my favorite thing about the city – all the nature! Everywhere we looked, there were gorgeous gardens and parks, even in the middle of the city. I especially loved the juxtaposition of trees on the rooftops of buildings.


We took another Uber to the Seattle cruise port after checking out of our hotel. We had only been on one cruise before this trip – Honduras, Belize, and Cozumel with Royal Caribbean – so we weren’t completely sure what to expect, but Princess was pretty similar! Here’s our comparison:


Cruise ship in general: Royal Caribbean.
Staterooms (interior): Princess. The bed was soooo comfy!
Food: Equal, but the waiters/service were better on Royal Caribbean.
Evening entertainment (shows): Royal Caribbean.
Port excursions: Princess. But we were also in Alaska, so…
Atmosphere: both were very chill and laid-back!
Drinks: packages were cheaper on Royal Caribbean.
Daytime activities:Royal Caribbean.
Hangout spots: Princess.

This was our gorgeous view while sailing out of Seattle!

One HUGE advantage to a Princess Alaska cruise – no crowds on the decks! It was chilly and frequently rainy, so most of the…ahem, *older* cruise passengers spent the whole time inside. We were plenty happy as long as we stayed wrapped up in our jackets and beanies, and we never struggled to find a good view of the scenery.

The second night on the ship was the first formal night, and we got to watch a Princess tradition before dinner – the champagne glass waterfall! The boat was crazy rocky that night, and we spent half of our watching time wondering if the champagne tower was going to fall over. I loved the fact that this cruise had so many company-specific traditions, though, like the balloon drop and the final night’s dessert parade at dinner!

Coming up in Part II – Juneau, Skagway, and Glacier Bay!

Packed: Alaska Picks


When you see it….haha! This is what happens when you try to take a flat-lay photo and you own a dog. *facepalm*

Gosh, y’all – I don’t think I’ll ever stress out as much about packing as I did this time around for our Alaska trip. We had to plan for rain, wind, cold, and potentially warm weather all in the same suitcase, and it was a little overwhelming, even with the help of my trusty packing template. Neither Daniel or I had ever been anywhere in the northwest before, so we had no clue what to expect!

Probably the best thing I did for myself was map out what we were doing every single day of the cruise, and what kind of outfits those activities would require. Then, I created those outfits and laid them all out in order on the floor to stack and pack in the suitcase. For example:

  • Monday – Juneau, glacier excursion and anniversary photo shoot (outfits for photo shoot, hiking/kayaking clothes, dress for dinner)
  • Tuesday – Skagway, train excursion (casual cute outfit, formal dress for dinner)
  • And so on and so forth.

BEST DECISION EVER. I don’t know why I haven’t always done this! It kept me organized and helped me prioritize what I actually needed, instead of taking way too much stuff or packing a bunch of things that may or may not go together. And it really worked, because when we came home and unpacked, I only had one t-shirt and a couple pairs of shorts that I didn’t end up using. MIRACLE. This trick ended up being a HUGE lifesaver for this chronic over-packer.

But enough about that – here’s a look inside my suitcase!

Cardigan: Old Navy (similar, similar) // Tee: Target // Sunnies: “Ray Bans” from Chinatown (similar) // Jeans: thrifted (similar) // Flats: Target

This was one of my “traveling day” outfits. Comfy, lived-in jeggings, flats that slip off quickly when going through security, the softest t-shirt EVER from Target (I’m not joking, it’s the softest shirt I’ve ever owned), and an extra long, cozy cardigan to stay warm on the plane.

Jacket: Old Navy // Tee: Mandy Jane // Jeans: JCPenney (similar, similar) // Boots: gifted (similar)

This was probably my favorite outfit I wore all week! The bison tee was a recent birthday gift, and I fiiiiiiiinally broke down and got something olive green – I’ve been putting it off because I was afraid the color was too trendy and wouldn’t last more than a season or two, but this jacket from Old Navy just spoke to me.

From top left to bottom right – Scarf: TJ Maxx (similar, similar) // Beanie: gifted (exact) // Beanie: Love Your Melon // Scarf: thrifted but from J. Crew (similar, similar, similar)

My collection of scarves and beanies has steadily grown over the last few years, but this picture is a testament to my commitment not to overpack. I didn’t take 11 scarves “to have options” and then only wear two of them. I packed three scarves (floral one not pictured) and wore ALL of them. I’m proud of myself.

Hope you guys are ready for some unbelievably gorgeous photos, because my first Alaska vacation recap post is coming soon!! Prepare your eyes and your hearts, people.

39 Thoughts Everyone Has While Packing for Vacation


  1. Okay…let’s do this.
  2. Wait, I need some music.
  3. *turns on music*
  4. Did I even finish my packing list?
  5. Where is my packing list…
  6. Ahhh here it is! (buried under a mountain of random things on nightstand)
  7. YESSSS. Packing. Okay.
  8. *checks weather app for the fifteenth time*
  9. It’s going to be cold…but what if it warms up? It could happen.
  10. I should pack pants AND shorts, just in case.
  11. I should probably pack an umbrella too, in case it rains.
  12. Or two umbrellas. Just in case one of them breaks.
  13. *gets distracted by dog*
  14. I’m starving, I need lunch.
  15. *three hours of food and Netflix later*
  16. I think I grabbed everything I own out of the closet.
  17. I need to get rid of some stuff.
  18. I probably don’t need 10 shirts for a three-day weekend.
  19. I’ll just take 8.
  20. I remember reading somewhere that rolling your clothes helps you fit more stuff in your suitcase…
  21. *rolls zero things*
  22. How am I supposed to NOT take a million pairs of shoes.
  23. But I always pack too much and regret it when I have to drag my dumb suitcase around.
  24. *gets distracted by dog again*
  25. Whyyyyyy can’t I just pack liquids in my carry-on???
  26. It’s not like I’m going to hurt anybody with a bottle of shampoo.
  27. *lifts suitcase*
  28. It’s too heavy…I just know it’s too heavy.
  29. I don’t even have anything heavy in here!!
  30. *takes out four pairs of shoes and emergency raft*
  31. Okay there, that’s better.
  32. Now let’s see if I can zip it up…
  33. I don’t need to sit on my suitcase – it’s going to close just fine.
  34. Umm. Okay, come on zipper.
  36. *sits on suitcase*
  37. Gotcha!! Eat it, suitcase.
  38. *muffled sound of phone ringing inside suitcase*
  39. Crap.

Where are YOU going this summer?

Ultimate Packing List

Maybe I’m weird, but I actually enjoy packing for vacation. Anybody else with me? Something about picking out cute outfits, organizing everything together, and making it fit perfectly inside a suitcase……*sigh*. It just does something to me. When Daniel and I first started traveling together, I created a very basic packing list to prepare for the trip. But I never could have guessed that my bare-bones, simple list would turn into my gold-standard template for multiple future vacation packing lists. I’ve used this baby at least 6 times (Jamaica, New York, Wisconsin, Caribbean cruise, Chicago, etc), and it hasn’t failed me yet!

Since the trip we’re going on soon is an Alaskan cruise, there’s a few items that you probably wouldn’t need for other vacation destinations. But this example gives you a good idea of how important it is to be very thorough! Anytime I think about needing something for a trip (like an umbrella or an extra swimsuit), I write it down. It might sound like overkill, but I learned my lesson when I forgot to include “phone charger” on a packing list and had to buy an overpriced one at the airport. I never assume that I’ll remember to pack something, because the closer I get to a trip, the more excited and distracted I’m likely to be.

The framework of my list divides everything I pack into three main categories: outfits, extras, and toiletries. I do this for two reasons. First, it’s easier to make sure I don’t forget things or pack too much of the same thing, and second, it’s easier to find stuff in my suitcase when similar things are packed near each other.


This trip was really hard to plan for, because the weather in Alaska can change at a moment’s notice! We have to pack for potential warm weather, rain, and icy cold temperatures, all in the same suitcase. And I usually over-pack! But I think I’ll do pretty well this time around.

2 fancy dresses for formal nights
5 date night outfits for dinners
8 casual outfits for travel days/excursions
1 swimsuit/cover-up
1 pair each of sweatpants and leggings
2 pairs of shorts
2 long-sleeved t-shirts
Rain jacket
Fleece jacket
2 pairs of heels
Tennis shoes
Rain boots
Steve Madden boots


Travel documents: passport, plane tickets, driver’s license, hotel reservation, cruise boarding pass, cruise luggage tags, cash, insurance cards, credit/debit cards
Electronics: headphones, chargers, power strip for cruise cabin, iPad, phones
Bag of tricks: Tylenol, air freshener, sunscreen, bug spray, anti-wrinkle spray, Band-Aids, hand sanitizer, allergy meds, Benadryl cream, aloe vera, cough drops, Chapstick, motion sickness meds, Kleenex, Neosporin, nail clippers
Refillable water bottles
Ziplock bags
Binoculars (to see wildlife from the ship)
Hammocks (they pack up really small!)
Daypack backpacks
Extra bag for dirty laundry
Deck of cards/magazines/books


Hair products
Straightener/blow dryer/curling wand
Body wash
Face wash/moisturizer
Makeup/makeup remover
Q-tips/cotton balls
Feminine products
Razor/shaving cream
Bobby pins
Eye drops

The only thing I didn’t specify in the list is what I put in my plane bag! I typically grab my Osprey daypack and fill it with books, a magazine, my iPad, headphones, chargers, Chapstick, and all my travel docs. Depending on where I’m going, I either use my backpack as a purse or put my purse inside the backpack to use later.

If any of you struggle with packing, I hope this is helpful for you! It will at least give you a good place to start. I’ll share some of the outfits I put together in my next post!

Are you a “plan ahead” kind of packer, or a “throw my whole closet in my suitcase an hour before we leave” kind of packer?