39 Thoughts Everyone Has While Packing for Vacation


  1. Okay…let’s do this.
  2. Wait, I need some music.
  3. *turns on music*
  4. Did I even finish my packing list?
  5. Where is my packing list…
  6. Ahhh here it is! (buried under a mountain of random things on nightstand)
  7. YESSSS. Packing. Okay.
  8. *checks weather app for the fifteenth time*
  9. It’s going to be cold…but what if it warms up? It could happen.
  10. I should pack pants AND shorts, just in case.
  11. I should probably pack an umbrella too, in case it rains.
  12. Or two umbrellas. Just in case one of them breaks.
  13. *gets distracted by dog*
  14. I’m starving, I need lunch.
  15. *three hours of food and Netflix later*
  16. I think I grabbed everything I own out of the closet.
  17. I need to get rid of some stuff.
  18. I probably don’t need 10 shirts for a three-day weekend.
  19. I’ll just take 8.
  20. I remember reading somewhere that rolling your clothes helps you fit more stuff in your suitcase…
  21. *rolls zero things*
  22. How am I supposed to NOT take a million pairs of shoes.
  23. But I always pack too much and regret it when I have to drag my dumb suitcase around.
  24. *gets distracted by dog again*
  25. Whyyyyyy can’t I just pack liquids in my carry-on???
  26. It’s not like I’m going to hurt anybody with a bottle of shampoo.
  27. *lifts suitcase*
  28. It’s too heavy…I just know it’s too heavy.
  29. I don’t even have anything heavy in here!!
  30. *takes out four pairs of shoes and emergency raft*
  31. Okay there, that’s better.
  32. Now let’s see if I can zip it up…
  33. I don’t need to sit on my suitcase – it’s going to close just fine.
  34. Umm. Okay, come on zipper.
  36. *sits on suitcase*
  37. Gotcha!! Eat it, suitcase.
  38. *muffled sound of phone ringing inside suitcase*
  39. Crap.

Where are YOU going this summer?

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