I seriously can’t stand still because our trip is SO SOON!! I’ve been mentally packing my bags since January, but now it’s actually time and I’m freaking out a little because of how much is left to do before we leave.

So far, our itinerary for the week looks like this:

Sunday: relax
Monday: relax
Tuesday: relax
Wednesday: relax
Thursday: relax
Friday: relax
Saturday: cry because we have to go home

I almost don’t believe that it’s finally time to get on a plane because we’ve known about the trip for so long. It’s been torturous I’m ready to have zero responsibilities other than soaking up the sun and stuffing my face for a week, and I know Daniel is too after months of studying for the CPA. (Speaking of – he takes his third test out of four tomorrow, so please say a prayer for him!)


I also never imagined I would hear myself pray, “God, I just really need longer leg hair.”  The last time I shaved, I used the cream shave that MONAT created for their new men’s system, and I SWEAR it stunted my leg hair growth. Which I guess is good? But not when you have an appointment scheduled to wax said leg hair off for your beach vacation. I’m definitely using the cream shave from now on if it keeps my hair from coming back, but for the next few days, you’ll probably be able to find me googling “how to make your leg hair grow faster”.


 One of my favorite parts of traveling is the packing! I love picking outfits to wear and figuring out how to fit a lifetime of stuff into a too-small suitcase. I’m obsessed with this compilation by Jones Design Company and definitely using it as inspiration for our week. Although I could honestly pack a couple of swimsuits, snorkeling gear, and some sunscreen and be good to go. :)

Stay tuned for a post with my outfit picks and packing tips!

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